Friday, April 18, 2014

Sara's Baked Creations: "O! My Chocolate!" Chocolate Cake

"O! My Chocolate!" were the first words that came to my mind when Sara completed this heavenly, chocolate indulgence - and so the name. We were doing a little birthday treat for our brother and he has a sweet tooth so big I might call it a tusk instead. So, we decided to throw in big chunks of chocolates and truffles on the cake. 
The elegant floral patterns at the top were done using a special chocolate frosting that Sara made. 
The truffles were Lindt. I suggested dripping chocolate on them to add more sinful deliciousness to the look of the cake. Sara did the magic.
The thick chocolate sauce for the drip effect was also done at home.
The jagged, chocolate shards were made by melting chocolate, setting it to harden, and then chopping up the shards. 
On the inside, this cake was RICH! This is definitely my favorite flavor now!

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