Friday, April 25, 2014

Let The Burning Begin: Mission 'Train Fatty' Reloaded

I looked a baby whale from middle through high school. That comes as a package of public humiliation, social boycott, self-esteem issues, and yaddi-yadda. It took a 20-days, self-inflicted, crash/starvation diet to burn 16 kg. My mother thought I'd developed cancer or something because I lost a huge deal of body mass. It could have been dangerous, but seriously - I was more bothered about sinking like the Titanic with all that weight I was carrying around, and I'd hit a social rejection iceberg. I was sixteen to be exact. More weight loss happened in the next 4 years and I was a brilliant 65 kg by the time I started university. Since the past 3 years though I've regained 3-4 kg and stand at 68-69 kg right now.

 The BMI is still cheering my on as 'normal', but we know on my planet that normalcy is not my friend. Before I'd know it I'd slip into the 'overweight' zone. That is one thing I cannot afford. The trouble is, I am already on a low-fat, low-carb diet and the weight is still clinging to me. This means a solid workout plan is urgently needed. Online studies require me to keep my rear glued to the seat in my study. I need to break out of that throne. I feel like Theoden king of Rohan and no Gandalf the White is coming to my rescue. There are a lot of self-esteem testing Wormtongues around though.
A week ago, I'd started a fitness ball routine that healed my hip muscle completely. It had some pretty good fat-burning workout routines too. The treadmill is damn boring, but I got on it for my sake. I watched Paranorman while I was on it. Perfect fat-person reference came up in the movie. 
It was a hard, depressing, humiliating life as a Fatty back in time. That's why I am getting all paranoid with the weight gain. That experience is the sole reason why I have an empathetic heart for people who are 'different' in some way or the other. I don't bully, I don't pick, I don't use harsh words. There are some pretty mean fatties that I knew too (after I'd become slim) and they pretty much made my life miserable because of their popularity and gossip mouths. But alas, there are all kinds of people. For the most part, I know that living like a Fatty is not happy.  

For now ...

Mission 'Train Fatty' Reloaded

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