Thursday, April 3, 2014

Abbie's Diaries: Making the Fixes

Every once in a while you face those days when you need to revamp everything, take a proactive stance on things, and make fixes.
I am experiencing one of those days right now. I was supposed to be on a two-week term break but alas *gives a Dumbledore expression of getting an earwax flavored Bertie Bott's Bean* that was spent running errands for the family. I am Abbie the Cabbie remember? Phew! The unexpected snow has seriously messed up the roads and the potholes are as huge as the craters on the Moon. I am still bitter from my car's front tire going flat when the snow fell last time. For consequent weeks all March, Maryland has had snow days. Can you believe that? It was like cursed Tuesdays or something.
I kept telling Tiana [my chiropractic's assistant] that it was the Curse Of The Snowman - the one that Sara couldn't make this winter because of her final year at Business school. The snow kept coming back. A gentleman in the office heard our conversation and spoke:
"Please make that snowman!"

About the chiropractic, I have started her therapy to treat my lower back and hip pain. It turns out that my postural strain and stress has caused the muscles and joints to go haywire. The therapy is a combination of three procedures:

(1) Electric Stimulation
She plugs me in to a machine with nodes on my lower back and switches on electric pulses to an intensity that I can tolerate. The contractions and relaxations of the electric impulses help loosen the muscles and minimize pain. I am in a state of Nirvana when I am plugged in!

(2) Exercises
I am doing some of those exercises as well. The hamstring stretch let me know how stuck my leg muscles are. Which signals me to get going on the Nordic Track. The Cat and Camel pose and the following opposite arms and legs extension let me know how off balance I am.


(3) Chiropractic Adjustments
That looks like a gun but it is not painful. It delivers highly controlled shocks to the joints and muscles that have locked up. The shocks are physical i.e. not electric. When my chiropractic pulls the trigger, a jerk is delivered by a quick, strong forward movement of the instrument's stub at the front. It is instant pain relief and also temporary, unless I maintain my muscles and joints with good posture and exercise. 

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