Thursday, February 13, 2014

Doing Shorts, Going Mad

My idea of a hard drink is a caffeinated beverage [preferably a Starbucks specialty] loaded with sugar and fat. That means I do not use the words non-fat and sugar-free for it. Lately, I have been 'doing shorts' - as the Starbucks Lady implied. One fine day I saw a lady buy her little girl a Hot Chocolate and it was super, duper small. My pancreas went: "Hey, we can do that size." And so I asked if they had a smaller size than a Tall, and voila! an 8 fl oz Short exists. I have been living in sheer Starbucks ignorance! ever since, I have been sipping a lot of Starbucks goodness. The Starbucks lady made it sound like someone's alcohol binge.

Sometimes, I am having a Caramel Macchiato with lunch, and otherwise I am sipping a Hot Chocolate while roaming around the place. It is absolutely brilliant - the indulgence. I have been denying myself a lot of good - intentionally - because I think too much. 

Self-restraint on little pleasures is sometimes not the best thing to do - it kills a small thing inside you called self-love. Not to be compromised.

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