Friday, January 3, 2014

December Dream Board - The First One

I heard of a Dream Board 2 years ago when I subscribed to O, The Oprah Magazine. It is supposed to reflect goals - more like a vision board - but I know better. For me, my Dream Board reflects the present and cherished memories of recently lived past. I do not live in the future, because that has ended up in vain and pain for me. Why bother?

eHow describes a Dream Board as:
"A dream board, also known as a vision board, is a way of displaying and reminding yourself of your goals. Visual representations often invoke more emotion than simply writing down or speaking your aspirations aloud. The process of creating a dream board is also what makes it special; spend time thinking about what your board should contain and how you would like it represented. When your board is finished, place it in a spot where you will see it on a daily basis, and spend time vocalizing the mantra you write on it."

Each month I'll bring you a new Dream Board. O'course, it will be posted at the end of each month as I'll spend the entire month making it - collecting memories. There will be a video showing you the decorations up close and also a detailed written description so you know what I used.


  • Venetian Masquerade Mask [eBay, my XXVth birthday gift]
  • Mardi Gras masquerade mask [Dollar Tree, Mardi Gras decoration from Spring time]
  • Starbucks Coffee red cup, holiday edition
  • M&M's chocolate coated pretzels wrapper (Halloween candy)
  • Believe cutout [Macy's newsletter]
  • McCafe's White Chocolate and Peppermint Mocha ad in memory of the drinks I had
  • Stabucks Coffee red cup ceramic ornament
  • Stocking [Dollar Tree]
  • Coffee bag, made of jute [Sheraton Four Points, Mississauga - Ontario, Canada]
  • Rock music themed party plate [Party City] - in memo of my XXVII birthday
  • Golden bells [Dollar Tree]
  • Popeye's holiday collection drink container with Santa Claus
Watch the video to see the Dream Board up close!

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