Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Crazy: Some websites to keep it going

I am reviving my love for book reading so I am hunting for good titles to keep in my Kindle App. My current read is The Mortal Instruments City of Fallen Angels and it is taking a while to progress because of my daily routine. Since paperback titles sell for $13 and above at stores, I have no desire to empty my wallet there. I figured if I know good freebie websites and some websites that could review new titles and authors, I'd be set!

FREE is the word for me. I have had the awesome time of enjoying an Amazon Kindle (before it was stolen) and since Apple Inc. is such a genius company I can still enjoy the Kindle books on the Kindle reading App on my iPad 2. Brilliant! Amazon sends daily free eBooks deals that I purchased with one click. The book simply downloaded itself on my Kindle (now Kindle App on iPad). Besides Amazon, there are a few other websites

I have managed to find that give free deals on good reads. Also, there are other reading related websites that help you stay in touch with the books world and the new works.


As the tagline goes:

"BookBub alerts you to limited-time free and discounted eBooks matching your interests."

BookBub has new free eBooks deals daily - the key is to check daily. For instance, today I purchased The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson for free. So, there are classic titles coming up for free as well. My email address was required for signing up, and then weekly deals began pouring in. Mostly, the titles are works by authors that are not mainstream, but I have given chances to new authors and I have not been disappointed.

Usually, the covers are no help. You cannot judge a book by its cover - that quote has weight for me now. So, I figured Goodreads is a good place to sign up at to receive updates about new titles and new authors. It allowed me to specify a genre I like and accordingly recommended some good titles for me. This is also a networking website which means I can connect with other Goodreads members and discuss books they have already read. Some pretty good authors also make their recommendations here and they review books for readers - so I get a good word about a title when I decide to read it.

This is a good one too. It works like BookBub. There is a problem here, though. I did not purchase its VIP membership. So, it only allows me to download an HTML, a PDF, and a TXT (MS Word compatible) version of the book. A Mobipocket version works with iPad and Kindle, but alas, it is unavailable for non-VIPs. Also there is a cap on the number of downloads per month. I can download 5 books per month.
A feature I wish to try is the 'Submit eBook' which mentions that authors can submit their works and if they meet Editorial Guidelines, they are published. The editorial board is the Ampersand Academic Press. I could use this, right?

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