Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Day!

Winter has not officially started - right?, right! - but nobody is bothered about 'official'. It was the first snow day in Maryland today and Sherris and I totally rocked it out there! We took photos - selfies! - and there was a snowball fight where I was bashed nice and tight. Conclusion: Snowballs are not lethal - unless, of course, Thor inflicts them upon you. I'd die blushing, though. 
Prompt: "The most terrifying moment of my life was ..."
When I was at a hospital for stomach turbulence and some anti-nausea drug reacted on me! It's the norm for creatures to react on me - OVERreact actually - but this nasty thing sent my eyeballs rolling into my skull, my hands and feet going ice cold, and my breathing becoming very difficult. To be honest, I was DEAD sure - no pun intended - that I was going to see the grim reaper in those horrid moments. This was practically the only time I was not concerned that I didn't have a camera to record the moment - or the reaper's appearance - it was pretty Gothic after all. Fortunately - no pun intended - I was rescued by a bunch of ER doctors. 

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