Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sara's Baked Creations: Abbie's Birthday Shenanigans: Masquerade Cake NJM#24

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Each time Sara bakes a cake, tries a new baking/decorating technique, she beats her own record at awesomeness. That's exactly what happened yesterday evening. My birthday cake was due and Sara had been busy planning secret cake plans. Stuff was arriving in the mail that I was prohibited from accessing. All I knew was that she was working with fondant for the first time and that there was a cake topper and there was a different flavor in addition to the traditional vanilla.
My teaser guesses to make her miserable were:

  • The cake is black!
  • Flavor is red velvet!
  • Its topsy turvy, 5 tiers!
  • Gothic!

I call this magnificent masterpiece, The Masquerade Cake! I was speechless when I set my eyes on this. I am obsessed with masquerade masks and this was sheer brilliance. Black fondant! Topsy turvy! Outstanding! Sara mixed red and black fondant to create a marble effect for the circle accents on the cake. Gold paint was used to handpaint the gold polka dots. Then, there was the golden lac with red rhinestones that made the entire cake look majestic, fit for a queen! That candle is golden by the way, and a slow burning one. Fantastic!
Inside, the lower layer was a red and white and the top was red velvet. Mmm-mm! Red velvet was super fluffy. Wow! She brought all my wishes true! This has got to be the most majestic cake Sara has done so far!
She always makes my birthdays special by trying out a new technique. It is always a risk, and she says there are flaws each time because the methods are new and they are experiments. I say, WHO CARES? This, to me, is perfection! 
And then, she gets custom birthday cards made. She's unbeatable at surprises. 'Olives, Pickles. Carrots, Potatoes, Bananas, Tomatoes.' is our sisterly expression of love! Nuff' said!

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