Thursday, November 21, 2013

NJM19 Abbie's Birthday Shenanigans: Midnight / Breakfast Surprises

Sherris Dimpleton, my Lil' Sis, the creator of Sara's Baked Creations decided that this year we'll do my birthday week - instead of day. It started all the way back on Sunday when we window-shopped till our legs died. It will go all the way up to Sunday. She and Mom were on their super secret mission, whispering, speaking in hushed voices, and staring daggers at me when I crossed their path.

On the Eve of November Nineteenth, yes we do that, I got shining surprise. Nestled in red, silver, gold pearl beads and floral lights - accompanied by apple slices (I eat those every night) - in a crystal glass gifted by Saadi Aapi was a gorgeous coffee mug and Starbucks' sugar-free vanilla syrup pump! There is history behind both these goodies. I always wanted to buy the syrup, and the truffles were a long-sought dream wish!
The midnight wish was done Jace Wayland style. I requested that! I didn't know Sherris would actually do it! In The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Jace Wayland didn't have cake, so that's what he put together for Clary Fray.
Breakfast! Cookie Monster greeted me! I adored this surprise MOST! It's been 3 years since I laid my eyes on him at a novelty shop and I just couldn't bring myself to spend money and buy him! Sherris and Mum finally got him for me! Sherris also did the Cookie Monster cupcakes! They were SO adorable! The cookies in their mouths are Chips Ahoy minis.
Mum's breakfast platter was so awesome! There were sweet potato fries (yum!), tater bites (mmm!), and O-MY-GOD! French Toast! She makes the BEST French Toast in the world. I remember kids being super jealous of me carrying them in my lunchbox! 
Sherris also worked her fingers to the bone to make me a heart-shaped omelet and cheese! This was SO tasty I cannot even tell! 

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