Monday, October 1, 2012

October Photography Month (OctoPhoMo) 2012

1st - Something orange -OR- Something that starts with "O"
2nd - Fall leaves -OR- Bonfire
3rd - Your favorite character (dress up as, or picture of) -OR- werewolf (or just wolf)
4th - Crazy clothes/socks/hat -OR- Something related to breast cancer in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Pink/ pink ribbons represent breast cancer)
5th - Favorite fall outfit/outerwear -OR- Oktoberfest (German folks, but often celebrated in the US as well)
6th - Something political/election related/etc (NO drama!) - One month till the 2012 U.S Presidential Election! -OR- Crazy hairdo
7th - Something historical -OR- mythological
8th - Anything Tim Burton related -OR- Holiday Tradition ( OR Canadian Thanksgiving for those folks in Canada)
9th - Favorite Scary movie -OR- The negative look of a picture (think the old film negatives)
10th - Pumpkin(s)/Pumpkin Patch -OR- Ten of something
11th - Corn -OR- Scarves
12th - Spooky/Halloween dessert -OR- Scarecrows
13th - Favorite fall drink -OR- Blood(y)
14th - Skeleton(s) -OR- Witch(s)
15th - Candy/Caramel Apples -OR- Something you love to do
16th - Football -OR- Squirrels/other woodland animals (deer, elk, moose, etc)
17th - Spiders/Spider webs -OR- Something you fear
18th - Superstition/Supernatural -OR- Luck (good or bad)
19th - Candles -OR- Something Black (not black cat...that's another prompt)
20th - Black cat -OR- Zombies
21st - Jack -O- Lanterns -OR- Graveyard
22nd - Monsters -OR- Your camera/phone (in honor to photo prompt months!)
23rd - Your pet(s) dressed up for Halloween -OR- Something you hate to do
24th - Hayride -OR- Christmas decorations (yes, this is October, but they're out in stores already lol!)
25th - Halloween decorations -OR- Haunted House

26th - Something related to domestic violence in honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (Purple/purple ribbons represent domestic violence) -OR- Frankenstein
27th- Ghosts -OR - Vampires
28th - Candy -OR- Fall scenery
29th - Bats -OR- Masks (HINT: Tonight is the full moon...check out tomorrow's prompt!)
30th - October birthdays -OR- Full moon (Full moon is October 29th)
31st - Trick -or- Treaters -OR- Halloween/Costume party for adults and/or kids

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