Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jason! I Have A Bride For You!

I can run, but I can't hide. 

I caught the first flu of Fall so I am pretty Vesuvius right now. For those wondering how can one be Vesuvius? It's not just a volcano, it is the volcano in Italy that destroyed the city of Pompeii. I was there with Dad, watching the ash-preserved dead silhouettes of the Pompeii people. I'd write about it in my travel adventures, soon, inshaAllah (God Willing).

OctoPhoMo Day 03, Your Favorite Character (dress up as, or photo of)

The Ghostface killer has got to be my ultimate favorite. I dressed up as him about two years ago and that the photo up there, all Photoshop'd for a webpage header. If you look close, the plastic chin of my mask slipped out during the shoot and that's my Snuggie blanket that's wrapped around me. The second one's a latest shot in Walmart's Halloween aisle where I found Jason. I am a big fan of Jason's motive behind killing people. He came back from the dead to slaughter immoral people. How deathly sweet. 

I was at the Giant this afternoon and picked up some seriously great sugar-free stuff from the bakery and the baking aisle. Giant carries a lot of sugar-free kosher and that's why we shop there.  Mum and I picked up two sugar-free pies, apple and pumpkin, and Pillsbury cake mixes. The two of us were really happy to get our hands on sugar-free kosher. Pillsbury is a kosher brand by the way. Read more about the Giant Loot.

Read more about the Giant Loot here

This morning, while having my cinnamon, maple, and brown sugar oatmeal, I came across some novice novel writing tips by the Writer's Digest. They had a paid tutorial that they invited me for. The sample few minutes contained some very neat advice for newbie novelists. It is weird how some of the bestselling authors whom I have read, make these mistakes. Also, my own secret novel (partially in my mind) begins with one of the same mistakes. I remember Bina Shah, a renowned novelist of Pakistan, saying as she taught the media sciences lot a Personal Management class, that all first novels are autobiographical. I had agreed at the time, but partially. Today, I found out that if not autobiographical, newbie writers are always looking for opportunities to incorporate their life events in the story of their character who may be far, far different from themselves. I shall write more about this  on The Scribe Of Excalibur. 

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