Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eid Comes To An End With A Henna Eve Climax

The second and third days of Eid flew by and the festivities never ceased. Everything was simple and close-knit around family at my end. I did have a guest over, though, and there was a girlie girl lunch party and exchange of Eid gifts and goodies. The BBQ Chicken Tikka that I spoke of yesterday was the star of the show at the lunch party and the Kachoris got a chance to win some more compliments, mashaAllah. A henna evening followed next and was the climax of the three day celebration.
Eid prayers in large congregations were happening all around the world. Facebook pages were posting glimpses of some very emotional moments of the social get together and act of worship. Some of my favorite photos from different states and cities:
Carson, California
Teaneck Community, New Jersey
Frisco, Dallas Texas
Henna is an Eid essential for ladies and I got a bit late in applying it. Usually, ladies get it done the eve before Eid day so they can show it off with their Eid outfits at family reunions and friends' parties. Henna comes as a paste filled in conical packages which are used like pens. This year, my younger sister decided to create the designs herself. We always got them done, in Karachi, by professionals who painted perfect floral designs. Awesomely, my sister did perfect! I bet her icing and frosting skills from her baking were put to good use. 
After waiting for about 4 to 5 hours, the henna was dry and peeling off. I applied some Vicks Vaporub to intensify the color of the dye and washed it off. Gradually, the color darkened. The morning after, it had grown a shade of dark brown from yellow.
Eid is also about giving gifts and sharing the love of friendship and family. Usually, elders gift money to the younger ones. But everybody exchanges gifts! Like every year, I assembled some Eid goodie bags for friends visiting. 
This year, though, due to Mom's ill health I wasn't able to put together the perfect gifts, but chocolates, a handwritten souvenir from us sisters, and a bracelet went into the leopard print goodies bag. 
Our precious friend Qz gifted us some gorgeous Forever 21 bracelets. Of course, the Little Brat took over the funky ones immediately. I adore the white pearly one! 

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