Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wanted: Dobby the House Elf

Who're you going to call when you have a family/house that produces giant bags of trash every week, multiple loads of dishes everyday, even more loads of laundry every week, wakes up at 4:45am in the morning and still runs after time like crazy. Allah is Great, He keeps me going all day long to put up with it but I am as dead as a zombie by the time everything's done. In fact, I am way too tired for my Ishaa (night) prayer. They should make clones of Dobby the House Elf who'd work for free and hit himself in the head with a lamp should he ever complain or nag. I'd be the first one to get one of those as soon as they commercialize. What? You think I am mad? Go figure, you're at the Madshack.

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