Sunday, June 24, 2012

Treated the Tresses

It had been 2 years since I went in for a haircut. The reason for my negligence with my locks was that I was hunting for a females-only salon after having moved to the USA. Another criteria was that the hair dresser was to be a lady as well. There were split ends (still not too devastating, my hair has grown a bit healthier), the length had increased, and the layers had totally grown out of proportion. I didn't get full layering done ever. I always requested widely spaced two to three layers. This time I was looking for full layers as well. So mission impossible, right.
A hair dresser at the JC Penney salon agreed to give me a private corner for my haircut. On a Sunday, there is no rush and I easily sneaked into a corner chair for a good haircut. It was a great self-pampering experience and I definitely needed that.

I was unsure about what I exactly wanted but my aim was to keep the length, trim off split ends, and trim good enough hair to get a growth spurt. My hairdresser recommended full layers instead of just doing two or three. I was never in favor of a V-shape, but that's exactly how it turned out. A high ponytail or clip with all hair collected and dropped on one shoulder looks like one of those wedding hairstyles (above). But I could really use a little chopping off of the end which looks pretty stray. I have Mum for that.

The best bit is that it turned out to be an Arwen Undomiel hairstyle. Rocks!

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