Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Rant of the Weed-Killer

For the next few minutes, I shall engage in senseless ranting and just let my emotional hell break loose on the planet of sanity. It's healthy to do so every once in a while to avoid being locked away at a madhouse. But when you live in one, you should think carefully about how to break loose, if you know what I mean.

I was playing the role of a weed killer today. When you live in America, there is no distinction between what's a man's job and what's a woman job. If it's a household job, anybody can do it. I realized that the day I saw a woman checking out from the Lowe's store in overalls with a giant step ladder and floor boards on a wheeling trailer. When the tasks are new, I enjoy them. For instance, about a couple of months ago I was using a power wash hose to wash away dead earthworms from the curbs. But if it becomes a chore, it begins to pile up on my nerves. Eventually, I am stuck doing it and it feels like a community service penalty or a life imprisonment torture routine.

So what brought me to transform into a weed killer? It's the darn gardener who didn't do a very good job for the $40 he charged me. Now I know why he and his cronies were laughing when I'd asked them, "Will the weed die a 100%?" Unfortunately, I do not understand Spanish, so I couldn't understand what they meant when they were kidding around telling me they'd be spraying the "venom" soon.

That huge vegetation spurt in the photo is an unwanted weed and hundreds of dandelions have decided to establish a happy-go-lucky family life on my lawn, the front and back. The "venom" had worked, but not entirely for a $40. So, it was time to "Round Up" - that's the name of the weed killer I used today. It was scorching hot, I was sweating, after a very long while. And, there were big bees and bumblebees around the dandelions. How do those bugs get so big?

The weed killer is supposed to work in 6 hours so I am assuming that as I type this the insane population of unwanted mangroves on my lawn would have passed away. Or, the weed killer would have destroyed my lawn, who knows. I was skeptical about using it because the direction label said, somewhat conveying my feelings of anger:

"It Kills Everything"

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