Monday, June 11, 2012

O Magazine July Sneak Peak

I love getting the O Magazine in my mail, it's like a gift to me from me. Oprah looks so cool and elegant in the minty green skirt. This month's volume features "The 10 Smartest Things You Can Do for Your Body This Summer" and that's seriously what I need. This is coming from someone who doesn't have the time to comb her hair (the tangles are insane!). There are also some other pretty neat features in the magazine about great books to read, great summery recipes, and even an article on envy.

As usual, I opened up the recipes first and I am loving the grilled peaches dessert idea to bits. There are also some "paints" recipes to coat the chicken and meats with. They're like gravy but they have a color so they are used to literally "paint" the chicken. I am definitely going to try some grilling, and summery salads as well.

Exciting Reads
I am excited about reading Dr. Oz's feature "Your Vacation Survival Guide" because it has the right eating, sleeping, and travel planning tips. My vacations with the family are always pretty hectic and something or the other always ruins the good bits. I am hoping to get some great vacation management tips from this.

Great Fashion Accessories Websites
A quick sneak peak shows some seriously great jewelry and I'm a rings fan. For starters I love the rings featured on Seven's website. There are some to-die-for rings selling on Spring Street Design. I'll write more about them later. 

Beautiful Words
"Life happened because I turned the pages." - Alberto Manguel
"As a writer, you ask yourself to dream while awake." - Aimee Bender
"Find yourself in some great, smart fiction."

Wishing myself happy reading.

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