Wednesday, June 20, 2012

JPM19 "Looking Up"

June 19th's prompt was "Looking Up" or "Siblings". I wished to do something different. Siblings is a typical prompt and having done a photograph with my sister for the "Best Friends" prompt, I decided to take on "Looking Up". Initially I was focused on photographs that would show inspirational figures or something I look up to. Then, I decided to take the prompt as a camera angle. The 'Flying Carousel' at Six Flags definitely makes me 'look up' at the screaming and bawling ladies, gentlemen, and kids. I wonder why they ride it if it's so horrendous. I had a go on it with my sister who pushed me on in attempt to "get the inner child out of me". I don't know about the inner child's coming out but daylights were knocked out of me for sure.

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  1. I wanna go again on this with you by my side ;)


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