Monday, April 23, 2012

GKIHS: The Best Thing That Happened During Spring Break

I was in New York last weekend and while enjoying the spectacular view of Times Square, the Crossroads of the World, I was unaware that an email from the Golden Key International Honour Society (GKIHS) - Strayer University Chapter was waiting for me in my Inbox. I was in for a delightful surprise. The crossroads to academic achievement recognition, leadership, and service had opened up for me.

"Your university has recognized you for your outstanding academic performance, qualifying you for this exclusive and time-limited invitation to become member in good standing, with full benefits and privileges, of Golden Key International, the world's premier collegiate honor society.
This places you among a select group of individuals from around the world, eligible to join a community of high-achieving individuals like yourself, with access to exclusive scholarship, networking, and career opportunities, plus a host of other benefits."

Membership to the GKIHS means a lot to me. I have always been an honor student but my previous academic facility was a franchise of a foreign academic institution and did not have a proper student recognition system suited to the standards of the franchiser university. My cumulative GPA always stayed above a 3.7 and towards the end I hit the cumulative GPA mark of 3.9. I got a 'First Class Honours' mentioned on my degree by the head institution, for which I am very thankful. The GKIHS came as a brilliant surprise, as if the Lord had compensated me for my patience.

Strayer University has officially become the 404th chapter of the GKIHS in September 2011 and I am so happy to be one of its first inductees to the GKIHS. Since the chapter still needs a President, Vice President, and other authority figures, the first New Member Recognition Event was conducted online. The host to the virtual induction ceremony was Jacqueline Palmer, the Dean of Students, Washington D.C.

The address began with an introduction to the philosophy of GKIHS and defined the prestige and honor the high-achievers have secured by accepting the invitation to join the world's largest honor society. An enthusiastic Oath Ceremony followed and the voices of the first batch of Strayer's high achievers echoed together!

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