Sunday, December 11, 2011

Caramel Mocha and Old Time Classics

Caramel Mocha is a desirable coffee beverage of choice at the brink of winter. It got me thinking of Wuthering Heights, the novel, for some strange reason. I remember being in the 8th grade when the novel came to me as a part of my English Literature curriculum. It was a plunge into a very classic realm. I remember the pin-drop silence in the classes as a very "un-English Literature-like" teacher read the novel line by line. Yes, I'm being cynical about the choice of teacher I received because teaching literature as grand as Wuthering Heights requires a personality, and the lady didn't even convey emotions!
The novel was most definitely the strongest story I ever read even though it was a scaled down version of the real novel. The dialogue was edited, scenes were cut and patched, and some really good storyline was omitted, but nevertheless it was an interesting read.
Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff were the star-crossed lovers with Catherine being a wealthy heiress of Wuthering Heights and Heathcliff being a gypsy child her father had brought home from the streets of Liverpool. There is a clash between the proud and pompous world of the rich and the weak and helpless world of the poor in the novel. Heathcliff's tale is that of an orphan boy who grew up to fall in love with his childhood mate, Catherine. Sometime later, I shall write more about the story ...
I discovered there is not one but 3 different movies on Wuthering Heights, one was released this year in the UK. I took to the 2009 version, and I believe it's the first, and it is really a good watch.

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