Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Silver screen connections

"If you could star in a movie, what character would you play?" 

My immediate reply is to portray somebody who's not human. It is a very instincts-based answer because I am defensive and I don't relate very well to people. However, when I choose to play human I have to be the ultimate protagonist who engages in an active battle against evil and constantly keeps up her guard despite the pitfalls of facing the antagonist, who by the way enjoys all the good fortune in my stories. 
There are quite a few characters that have appealed to me in movies because I seem to connect with some portion of their personality. It is never the entire character that I admire, I haven't yet found a movie character with whose opinions and values I completely agree with. There have been vampires, of course for their timeless thinking and artistic appeal, and the best one has been Lestat from Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned. The character is morally corrupt in a lot of ways but his drive of being known to the world, and to express himself boldly in art is what I connect with. I could play Edward Cullen for the element of unmatched sincerity that he is destined to portray. Damon from The Vampire Diaries is also a good work of art because I have never seen cynicism at its best before watching this character at play. The biggest disadvantage associated with these vampires of the silver screen is the female fan following that make them sound like typical waste of space. 
Moving on to human characters, I have felt a very strong connection with Liz Parker of Roswell TV series. She is a strong young girl who has a very wise approach to life and emotions that play under it, however, she keeps her deeper emotions secretive. She believes in being part of something big, and is committed to turn her dreams to reality no matter how "out of the world" they are, literally.
I connect with Mort Rainey, played by Johnny Depp, in Secret Window. IMDB describes the character as "an unorganized man who is not coping well" and I am like that most of the time under spells of work overload or emotional swings that are normal life episodes but disturb the creative functioning. Like Mort, I am often dressed shabbily at home for most of the day. Uncombed hair tied up in a rough bun, oddest meals during the day, and struggling with my thoughts. 
Aragorn is a connection I feel in Lord of the Rings because of his secretive appeal. He is a warrior, the greatest in the land, but his shortcomings that aren't even his own to begin with prevent him from telling the world who he is. That's how writers feel at times when judged. I really take a liking to one of hid dialogue in the film:
"I can avoid being seen if I wish, but to disappear completely, that is a rare gift."

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