Wednesday, October 26, 2011

“What does writing mean to me?”

“What does writing mean to me?” - Genesis Of A Writer

When I ask myself this question in the dead of the night, or in the wake of day, I shiver. It is the realm where I rule, where my imagination rides like a majestic stallion, and where “happiness” is a real word.

An expressionist hides in each one of us and it could be born anywhere. It could express itself as a writer, an artist, a cook, a poet, an orator, or any other creative performer. Some may choose never to allow the expressionist to be born. I did not make that choice. Some kill it by blocking away all creative resources. I did not make that choice. Some may choose to let it take birth and bloom to craft words and arts. This was the choice I made.

The “Genesis of a Writer” (as I call it) is the “make or break” moment where one decides whether or not they would give words to their thoughts. It takes a great deal of courage because only the gifted are comfortable with writing what they believe. Let’s say I am not a valiant in that case, and I choose a ghost name to be my escort. But I wouldn’t call myself a coward either because I don’t believe that what the world sees me as, the “real name” is a true representative of the soul inside me.

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