Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dormant Embryo

I connect with this poem on a special, personal level. This was the very first 'sane' poem that I composed as a solid creative writer. I had the opportunity to recite this piece before forty individuals at Media Science school. I do not know how many in that audience connected with this piece but I definitely found my own confident voice when they broke into applause.

There's a world within me,
A culture of cherished dreams.
Lurking gloomy shadows, 
Unheard, unanswered screams.
It is in constant combat
With creatures of my kind.
With different worlds within them,
Each one a different mind.

If truth be told

I'm clueless
To which dimension I belong?
Which language do I speak?
Who understands my song?
Sometimes reason fails me,
When my lips part to speak
Facing a feigned charisma,
Originality feels so weak.

Why the foolish submission?

To an absurd inferiority?
The divorce form all humankind,
The run from reality?

There's a world within me,

It sleeps in anxious slumber.
It churns with emotions,
For events it remembers.
It rotates on a play of words,
The pieces I compose,
My poetry makes the seasons,
The weather is my prose.
Flowing thoughts are rivers,
Its turmoil makes the seas.
My wrath unleashes storms,
My joy makes its breeze.

But it knows not the motive,

A direction in which to spin.
Dreams a million dreams,
But resources fall short within.
Till then the creative embryo, 
Sleeps in dormancy,
And I wait for recognition,
I wait so patiently.

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